Cowra Rifle Club Inc.

The first range used by the Cowra Rifle Club was situated on the Southern edge of Cowra. This was followed by a range on the North side of Bellevue or “Billy Goat” Hill that was upgraded by the army in the lead up to World War Two. Prior to work being completed this range was abandoned as the Cowra Prisoner of War camp was placed in the danger area.

The Army then constructed a new range on property owned by Bob Campbell on the Darby’s Falls Road. This range was used by the Rifle Club from the end of the war until the range on Bellevue Hill was reopened.

Cowra and Lyndhurst rifle clubs held several combined open prize meetings until facilities at Lyndhurst were expanded to enable hosting their own prize meeting. One of the combined meetings in Cowra was host to no less than 127 competitors.

Eventually this range closed due to pressure from the expanding town. It was followed by a range constructed by the Cowra Rifle Club members on the property of Cleve Goodacre and continued until this property was sub divided.

Cowra Rifle Club was then accepted by the Lyndhurst Club to continue activities on the Jack Emms range and this is greatly appreciated.

Courtesy of Lyndhurst Rifle Clubs Web Site